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Burning Snow (Neiges Brûlantes )  1982 DVD / All Regions

Another prime Olinka vehicle. Probably shot at almost the same time as ALICE: RENT A GIRL (WHITE HEAT). What a life! Just hang out at a ski resort in the Alps, have sex a few times a time. Everyone gets paid. This one actually features more outdoor snow scenes than "Alice" An Alpine ski holiday turns into a wild sex farce when prim and proper Miss Muriel is mistaken for lusty Lorna, a nymphomaniac of epic proportions. Soon, the hotel where Muriel and her suspicious fiance Roland are staying is abuzz with the scandalous gossip. Remembering Lorna's erotic striptease the year before, luscious Juliette Marie and Dani plot to expose Muriel, but first a little girl-girl action in the sauna is in order. Later that night they share their steamy plan with Hans the sleigh driver, at an intimate little bar that becomes more and more intimate as the night goes on. The moment of truth arrives in the form of a mind-blowing orgy that rages out of control until the wee morning hours. Muriel finally proves her innocence when the real slut of the slopes, Lorna, arrives. Starring Anthony Debray, Olivia Flores, Olinka Hardiman, Claudia Nabel and Gabriel Pontello.

Call Girl (Hetaste Liggen)  1984 DVD / All Regions

Written and directed by Andrei Feher, a Romanian cinematographer who made films behind the Iron Curtain in the 1950s and 60s. In the 70s he escaped into the west and eventually became a porn director in Sweden for a while. Cool.

Marilyn Lamour (Olinka), one of Europe's most outstanding erotic actresses, plays a woman kidnapped by a failed-lawyer-turned-underworld-figure. As she falls in love with him, he is in turn taken prisoner by his enemy, a leader of a far-reaching prostitution ring. Watch passion, power, and greed come to a dramatic climax!

The film's stormy action revolves around the life and death rivalry between two gangs. Ceasar, an ex-lawyer convicted for malpractice is now a spoiled gigolo thriving in the Paris underworld. After kidnapping the beautiful seductress Marilyn Lamour, he exposes her to his perverted passion which she soon embraces with ravenous lust.

Also starring Richard Lemieuvre, Gabriel Pontello, Helen Shelley, Richard Segal, Isabelle Brel, Mary Andersson, Laura Forsman.

DVD includes: The re-mastered Feature; Four Bonus Scenes; Four Trailers; Photo Gallery; Original Box Art

Comeback Of Marilyn  1986 Herzog Video (German)

"This is a German film that has, seemingly, an in depth plot. However, I have no idea what it's actually about! What I can tell you is that there is plenty of cock sucking, pussy pounding and even some orgy fun! "

Starring Olinka, Marilyn Jess, Andre Kay, Gabriel Pontello, Isa Derry, Mina Sole, Jenny, Jean-Pierre Armand, Christoph Grosso.

Emmanuelle Goes To Cannes (DVD)  1980 Region 1DVD

 DVD $25.98 SALE $12.99

Euro-Sex Star Olinka stars as an Emanuelle in her first film. (And first and last film for star "Zeta" Whitehorse) This soft-x version was a big theatrical hit. Lots and lots of lovely footage of the Cannes beach body-culture.

"Euro Super Sex star Olinka Hardiman takes on the title role of Emmanuelle who is stuck in a dead end job as a stripper in a sleazy strip club. He manager, cum pimp, cum boyfriend sells her to the highest bidder so they can make ends meet. She finally realizes her dream of escaping to Cannes where she feels she is sure to find the director of her dreams who will make her an international Film Star. Zippers pop-a-plenty as Olinka and her friends scorch up the screen!"

Alo known as "The Elementary Stud"

Inside Olinka (aka Inside Marilyn)  1984 DVD / All Regions

 DVD $9.98 SALE $4.99

American format DVD of this definitive star vehicle for Olinka Hardiman, one of the prettier women to have ever been porn stars. Directed by Walter Molitor (as Moli) Written by prolific euro exploitation/porn director Alain Payet.

For some reason they kept trying to sell Olinka as a Marilyn Monroe imitator; specifically as the classic Marilyn from SEVEN YEAR ITCH, skirt blown up and all. The SEVEN YEAR ITCH hairdo did suit Olinka well but the problem was that Olinka just didn't look that much like Marilyn Monroe at all! Olinka was sylph-like, not voluptuous and she had bright eyes, not bedroom eyes. Marilyn was a warm type who oozed sensuality. Olinka was sort of cool, like the queen of the faeries from an old picture book. (One old enough that they still spelled it "faeries") There must have been some way to market this very attractive woman as something other than an imitation of someone she didn't resemble. Such is show biz.

The plot: After a multi-girl photo-shoot/orgy Olinka's boyfriend picks her up in his limo. He stops to pick up a hooker (Uschi Karnat) and forces Olinka into a session with Karnat in the back of the limo. Then off to a nightclub where Olinka is persuaded to sing in the cabaret. During her song the boyfriend takes a brunette in the back room for sex. Olinka catches them, storms back into the cabaret, strips off her dress and walks out. She proceeds to get back at him with her own sexual misbehavior. Next is an outdoors photo shoot with a young brunette leading to a threesome with the cameraman. Then a shower and off to bed with a different buxom brunette. Olinka then goes to a bar where she's molested by a drunk and saved by the bar owner (Siggi Buchner) and his wife with whom she has another threesome. Finally, for a change of pace she goes along to an enormous orgy.

Starring (in alphabetical order) Siggi Buchner, Olinka Hardiman, Uschi Horn, Uschi Karnat, Eleonore Melzer, Susie Obermaier, Domenica Petrini, Renate Putz, Manuela Schwarz, and Werner Singh.

Marilyn - Wild Und Unersättlich (L Amour Aux Sports D hiver) (Import DVD)  1981  

Director Michel Lemoine made two winter sports themed Olinka movies circa 1981 at the same ski resort, BURNING SNOW and this film which was once released in the US as ALICE: RENT A GIRL. This is Olinka Hardiman's first XXX role and her preternatural prettiness is even prettier than usual. People have sex in the snow, in the sauna and sometime even in a bed. Starring Olinka Hardiman, Martina Alberti, Dany Berger, and Gabriel Pontello.

Olinka, Goddess of Love    DVD / All Regions

 DVD $9.98 SALE $4.99

Swell complilation of Olinka scenes.

Olinka, the sex goddess from Europe, is a cool and icy beauty with a fire hot sex appeal that knows no bounds. She bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the sliver screens greatest blonde bombshells. Join this provacative hottie as she travels across the globe, in search of erotic adventures. High in the Alps, you can count on Olinka to start an avalanche of amorous sexual encounters. In sunny Spain she raises her skirt, but not for dancing. This is only the beginning of this voluptuous creature's journeys. Relax as we lovingly relive these hot scenes from her amazing movies.

Starring Olinka, Piotr Stanislas, Gabriel Pontello, Nathalie Ivozevitch

Olinka, Grand Priestess of Love  1985 DVD / All Regions

 DVD $9.98 SALE $4.99

Olynka, grande prêtresse de l'amour, directed by Jose Benazeraf

"Blonde bombshell Olinka, is always on the prowl for any new and wanton sexual experience. Sex on the French Riviera, starring the Grand Priestess Of Love"

Starring Olinka Hardiman, Gabriel Pontello, Jennifer Lee, Lolita Praho, Jennifer Haussmann, Sophie Pressle (as Virginie Chevrier)

Sex Slaves of Satan 2    DVD / All Regions

While mainstream porn concentrated on pushing the boundaries of acceptable film making, a select few broke all the rules to make some of the most controversial and nefarious films ever made. Hand picked from the vault at VCX. Close the curtains, lock the doors and indulge the sinister desires you’re supposed to repres as Satan takes them on a long hellish road of submission and sex.

Scenes from: Angel Above, Devil Below, Easy, Call Girl, Saturday Night Special, Bacchanale, Two At Once, Joy of Fooling Around, Visions of Clair, Vista Valley PTA

Starring Annette Haven, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Bonnie Holiday, Jesie St James, Terri Hall, Zebedy Colt, Georgia Spelvin, Linda York, Monique DuPrez, Lee LeMay, Uta Erickson, Brigitte Lahie, Marilyn Lamour, Erica Swanson, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco

Spanish Fly (La Corrida Charnelle)  1984 DVD / All Regions

Shot in the same locale as REVOLUTION – there's a wall-sized old master painting of Christ crucified on an "X" shaped cross that appears in both films, and is hard to miss. Moderately ambitious Benazeraf effort about the bull-fighting world that breaks up the sex scenes with some interesting scenes of how a matador trains (or, other ways a matador trains).

Mysterious and passionate Spain, it's an erotic fantasy for many a tourist. But the lure and lustiness of this sensual country acts like an aphrodisiac on vacationing Olinka and Gabriel Pontello. The two of them along with their promiscuous friends go sexually berserk in a non-stop holiday of lascivious love making. From frantic flamenco trysts to bawdy bullfighting orgies, it's no wonder the Spanish Fly originated here. You'd think it was the water supply, judging by everyone's amorous appetite!

Starring Olinka, Gabriel Pontello, Shawnee Cates, Tom Byron, Barbara Doll, Sheri St. Clair.

Swedish Erotica 109: Olinka    DVD / All Regions

 DVD $11.98 SALE $5.99

Swedish Erotica was the most popular adult brand-name in the early 1970's. Later Caballero, owner of the original Swedish Erotica series, added a series of star showcase compilations under the Swedish Erotica brand (Volumes 73 and up) combining loop work and film scenes of the featured actress

Swedish Erotica 109: Olinka

Re-Digitized Footage featuring Olinka in scenes from: A Little Show, Obedience, All Yours, Bath Time, Mountain Hideaway, Love Potion, Snow Wood, Orgy Time, Perfect Gentlemen. A Swedish Erotica / Caballero Classics Release

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